Scrub cap/surgical cap easy pattern

I have been making scrub caps for hospital nurses and doctors, and thought that I’d share my pattern. I’ve refined this pattern from these two Youtube videos: DIY Scrub Cap by Lea Goes Green and Scrub Cap by Larissa Fontenot. I have improved on the two above patterns, to:

  • adjust the sizing
  • add a little more bulk in the rear to tuck away long hair
  • get rid of the tricky to sew area in the back of the cap side
  • add two buttons for hooking face mask elastic ear loops
  • improve fabric cutting efficiency (by having the tie straps separate from the sides
  • allow for optional french seam for a more finished, professional look

This is a quick design that requires no ribbons and consists of only three details. I prefer this single-layer design to double-layer reversible ones because it is lighter, more breathable, and quicker to make. Finally, the design features two buttons on either side to attach the elastics from a face mask.

I have delivered 20 caps to one of the hospitals, and the feedback I got was very positive. The size fits everyone and the button placement was described as just right. The nurses preferred lighter-weight to medium-weight cotton fabric.

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